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About the Seminar:

A seminar on “Empowerment through community Radio” was organized by Federation of Community Radio Stations in association with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. 50 CR Representatives, 15 Research Associates, 50 Journalists and People from Community Media around the nation were present for the empowering sessions.

Topics Covered

  • Current Scenario in Community Radio
  • Community Radio and its potential
  • Community Radio as a Change Agent
  • Corporate Social Responsibility for CRS (CSR 4 CRS)
  • Multilateral Communication - Role of Community Radio
  • Capacity Building of Rural Women through CRS

Paper Presentation by Research Scholars

Paper presentation chaired by Prof. Subhash Dhuliya, introspected various functional and dysfunctional aspects of Community Radio Stations. Somebody pointed out that a researcher should be present with each Community radio station for better understanding of community choices.

Topics Taken

  • Community Radio and Environment
  • Visibility and Expression of Spaces for Women in CR
  • Program Content Creation in Community Radio
  • Role of Community Radio in the empowerment of women
  • Role of Community Radio in livelihood improvement

Best practices sharing by Community Radio Stations

Community radio representative presented their work and talked about their unique initiatives including success stories. The need for such shared space was realized to acknowledge and understand the ground reality.

Topics Covered

  • Community Radio in Education & Learning
  • Work done by CRS in Agriculture
  • Community Radio and Skill Development
  • Empowering Rural Communities through Community Radio

Conclusion: For the future of India, the role of a profound medium of communication i.e. community radio should uplift various dimensions of the society. In this seminar, the economic, social, cultural, spiritual and educational aspects were discussed for empowerment through Community Radio. Future has a lot to dig into Community Radio Station’s potential. Participants unanimously said that more seminars and workshops should be organized for a better outcome.


All Seminar Photographs: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CxyosuX7FMWjhmDz6

Presentation from Speakers: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/152dxKQ35Jn7ipqgUTDvDN_q2bI-hGGb0?usp=sharing

Research Articles: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-Jwz3Tn1da8yvCcEYc3V1sf9rW04FTSg?usp=sharing


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