Genesis & Objective


A value based noble nation that works towards the well being of the society meets global challanges and opportunities with high level of expertise in all lfield with the help of FCRS.


FCRS empowers and strengthens all the functional and desirous community radio stations encapsulated within its pan Indian presence by promoting and celebrating their creative, cultural and political vitality and by supporting them to develop community radio as a tool of social reformation.


1.Promote Communitu Radio as a tool for the empowerment, national integration, peace and harmony, development and inclusive growth by disseminating information amongst youth, women, physically challenged and weaker section of the society.

2. Provide better communities services with the use of latest technologies, innovations and research methodologies.

3. Promote self belief, value , heritage , culture, virtues and sanskaras through education and resources amongst all sections of the society.

4. Provide education in various fields, including value and spiritual education, yoga, meditation etc

5. To develop, encourage and promote the concept of the CRS in India

6. To provide a voice to communities residing in local Districts remote areas.

7. To educate people so as to remove superstition, blind faith and ignorance; and to work for the eradication of moral and social evils of all kinds.

8. To develop a pool of experts and provide advisory services in the field of education,health etc, for the benefit of different sections of the society.

9. To send any member of the society to any part of the India and abroad for study tours and create good practices.

10. To create awareness relating to the preservation of the Environment/Ecology and Sustainability Development (SD)


1. To own, establish, manage and operate Radio Broadcast Station(s), subject to necessary governmental approvals, allotment of frequency, license(s) on FM / MW / SW / AM anywhere in India or out of India.

2. To spread awareness in general public by developing study material, data bases and other softwares about Health, Hygiene, Sanitation, Environment, Preservatin of water and other natural resources, sustainability solutions, eco-friendly environment, in the field of education, etc.

3. To cooperate and/or collaborate with other societies and organizations and other insitutions for educational, research and carrying out any other activity in any parts of the world having objects wholly or partly similar to those of the society.

4. To coordinate and arrange training in the relevant skills and in entrepreneurship to students and other forms of streams and help them in setting up self-employment ventures.

5. To offer the internships to students and research scholars etc. and serve as facilitation centre to existing and aspirant Community Radio.

6. To function as a data bank on education and to establish Information and Counseling Centers;

7. Expand the working of FRCS by setting of different level committes and chapters in the well being of community.

8. To blend global educational pedagogy with indegenious knowledge and culture with a curriculum that is pragmatic and experimental.

9. To get assistance and co-operation through recognition from the likeminded and social services oriented Institues and Organization and all those who are concerned with social welfare.

10. To carry out or assist in carrying out research in community development activities through spread of moral values and virtues.

11. To execute and/or implement all schemes/ activities covered or defined under Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) for Central/State Public Sector Enterprises and private Sector Enterprises.

12. To Arrange or organize vocational training programme/s for SC,ST,OBC,disables categories and weaker sections.

13. To broadcast and carry all activities in the local/regional language to reach masses, as well as for the promotion of lolcal/ regional language, culture, heritage etc.

14. To undertake research and development in community service activities