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Abu Road region was disconnected for three days from the rest of the world following unprecedented rainfall, the heaviest in the history Mount Abu

, which started on July 26 and continued incessantly for five days.

The heavy   rainfall caused severe disruption of public life and infrastructure. As the conditions of the roads and bridges deteriorated, it became difficult for people to travel from home to work and many were stuck in schools, offices and other market places. The entry into most villages was blocked, and this restricted relief teams from entering the region. Panic and distress were the obvious outcomes of the situation.

Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM came to the rescue of the community by spreading updated information about the situation. Radio Madhuban connected with the local authorities and government officials and provided regular updates about the condition of villages and progress on the relief efforts. Suresh Thinger, municipal chairperson, Mt. Abu, updated the listeners about the condition of roads and entry points into Mt Abu. The sub-divisional magistrate of Pindwar and Revdar blocks gave inputs about the situation in these areas. Block development officer, Manihar Vishnoi, and Editor, Abu Times, Sanjay Agarwal also connected with listeners through the radio to inform them about the relief efforts being undertaken and steps they should take to keep safe during heavy rains.

A promo was aired on Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM to request the local community to call in and give updates about their villages and surrounding places. Several people called in to share updates about the conditions in their villages and helped each other to get home safe. - Radio Madhuban Team

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